Three Classical Dances


 演奏者はいずれも世界で御活躍の方々で、小山京子、佐藤一美、E. Brnagozzi、F. Galliani の各氏でした。

 作品は3曲からなる組曲で、古典風ですが自由な形式で書かれています。編成はG - C - G - C の四重奏です。


This work premiered at the Japan- Italy Goodwill Ocarina Concert which was on August 1, 2019 at the Former Tokyo Music School Concert Hall.

All performers were  active on the world, Ms, Kyoko Oyama, Ms, Kazumi Sato, Mr. E. Brnagozzi、and Mr. F. Galliani.

The work is three-piece set, written in a classical but free from. The organization is a quartet of G-C-G-C.