Poem for Tuba / ポエム・フォー・テューバ





This work was composed as a work by Piano accompaniment in March 2007, and was dedicated to Mr. Pete Link ( Tuba Soloist). Poem for Tuba was adaptation for band accompaniment in February 2008, and it was premiered in Ashikaga, Tochigi Pref. on February 1, 2009.


The premiere performance was by Ashikaga City Wind Orchestra, the soloist was Mr. Peter Link who is a member of  Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra,  and the conductor was Akira.

Although the work is a very brief work, advanced technology is required for the solo.


The photo is a Tuba player, Mr. Peter Link.

He is warming up in a dressing room.

 そして打ち上げでは...。 And, at the party after the concert....


Like the photo, it run high by the performance of Tuba ensuemble.