Poem of the Sea / 海の詩










BOCD-7450-7451 (BRAIN Co. Ltd.)

The premier performance was by Dr. Rusell Coleman with  Musashino Academia Musicae Wind Ensemble at Tokyo Operacity Concert Hall on December 20, 1997.


The piece has dedicated to the memory of Dr. Frank Benkriscutto. The first schedule of the premiere performance was by Dr. Ben with the same ensemble on December 1996.

Unfortunately Dr. Ben was sick in bed several days before the concert and he must start on his journey home. He could not listen the music because he passed away October 1997 in USA.


The piece device three parts, silently and deep blue the sea of Japan in Summer, dance of the god of the sea and rage the sea of Japan in winter . It is one movement.


"I visited Niigata Pref. Japan several times for my job. Then, I saw the sea of Japan from the window of the train in a summer. It was very silently and deep blue. I never forget the grand and beautiful view yet, In winter, I visited same place again. The sea was raging with snow very much. I was seized with fear."


The piece is published as rental piece from BRAIN Co. Ltd.

BOCD-7450-7451 (BRAIN Co. Ltd.)