Gon and Dan / ゴンとダン





 一方、そこへ盗人が現れ家の中の様子を見ると「出たー出たー」、気づかれたと思い後ずさりすると「引っ込んだー、引っ込んだー」と。 盗人は何もせずに逃げてしまいました。

 ゴンとダンが唱えた「なんまんだぶつ( ♩♩♫♩)」からのリズムをテーマとして創作してあります。


     This work was premiered on October 20, 2019 in the main hall of Nichiren-shu Ichijoji (Azumino City, Nagano Pref).

     This is a comical work created based on the “Story of Gon and Dan” transmitted to “Shirakawa-go”, which is also designated as a World Heritage Site.


     Faithful monks, Gon and Dan. It's a strange story, but they don't know the sutra, so they go out to training one day.

     In the evening, they visited a house with a thatched roof where they could see the lights. They heard a daughter cry from inside the house.The daughter's father has just passed away, and they are going to have a sutra. However, since Gon and Dan don't know the sutra, they start to say “Nan-Man Dabu-tsu, Nan-Man Dabu-tsu. A mouse came out there, and the story was “Nan-Man Dabu-tsu, Appeared, Nan-Man Dabu-tsu  Appeared". When the mouse is hidden, it says, “Hidden, Hidden”.

     On the other hand, when a thief appeared there and looked at the inside of the house, "Appeared, Appeared". When a thief hides thinking that it has been found. "Hidden, Hidden" The thief ran away without doing anything.

     It was Gon and Dan who went through the process without any problems and went out for training the next day.


     It was created with the theme of rhythm from “Nan-Man Dabu-tsu (♩♩♫♩)” sung by Gon and Dan. .


A detailed story can be found on the Shirakawa Village homepage.

 (The story is only in Japanese.)