and all on the earth had gone / そして全ては失われた



 吹奏楽では、1999年5月29日に松本ウインズ・コンソート第7回定期演奏会にて作曲者自身の指揮おいて初演されました。また、ブラスバンドでは、同年6月13日、高倉正己 氏 指揮、東京ブラス・ソサエティによって初演されました。


 CD「響宴 III 21世紀の吹奏楽」BOCD-7454~7455 (BRAIN Co.,LTD. 楊鴻泰 指揮  関西学院大学応援団総部吹奏楽団 )に収録されています。

 "and all on the earth had gone" was composed for band and brass band same time. The reason of the composition is the composer felt the strong indignant over the atomic test of India and Pakistan 1998. 

The pieces consist of six parts, "Development", "Sorrow", "Anxiety", "Discordance", "Battle" and "Destruction" and "and all on the earth had gone". The egoism is appear with the development of the machine civilization, national discord be makes and the earth is destroy. 

Many strife still are continue on the earth. We must feel strong fear of nuclear warfare. We also have many troubles of environmental pollution. The piece was composed because Akira hopes those troubles will be come to the early settlement. 

As relative works, Akira composed PRAYER TO THE PEACE and PROCESSION TO THE PEACE.

The piece has published as rental piece from BRAIN Co.,LTD.. CD - BOCD-7454~7455(BRAIN Co.,LTD. Cond. Yoh Kotai / Kwansei Gakuin Univ. Symphony Band)